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My Why

 I’ve been asked on many occasions why I’ve decided to dedicate my focus and my brand on Intimate Portraiture and Boudoir. I could come up with a short answer…I could say that it’s because I enjoy the work…but that wouldn’t tell you why I love it so much.

 Intimate Portraits are not just “pictures” that you sign up for. It’s an experience second to none. It’s not just shedding clothing, it’s removing barriers of bad self-esteem, guilt, insecurity, and self-doubt. It’s pushing your own personal limits, both physically and emotionally. It’s testing the boundaries of your comfort zone, then blowing them out of the water. It’s taking each barrier you have and destroying them. It’s about taking the fear and nervousness before your session and smashing them to pieces. This is about finding that beauty that you’ve hidden, stifled, or has been taken away from you in one way or another and demanding it back. Realizing how incredibly beautiful you are and radiating that beauty in ways you didn’t know you could. It’s loving yourself – either again or for the first time. I do this because I want YOU to see the beauty that I see. I’ve found a way to help you feel incredible…to help you realize your self-worth…and help you along in whatever journey you are on in life. I do this to help you empower yourself and realize your beauty.

Why do I do this?.......Because of you.